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Eurofoods Group

Work Included

Eurofoods approached TOP Protection to install new network points as required to the customer’s preferences. The project was completed within 3 days of the client giving the go ahead. We were also given the contract for the heating system installation, which was completed in a tight frame.


We successfully installed data caballing throughout a section of the factory, which was required to connect up to the patch panel. The main objective was to increase the number of network points at one end of the warehouse. Strict hygiene rules had to be abided. The caballing had to be tested and connected to the servers in the mains server room.

We also were main contractors for this heating project, which entailed the supply, installation and maintenance of two highly efficient 30KW boilers for commercial use. The contract also included the installation and upgrade of 15 radiators connected to LPG gas for temporary use. The installation of commercial and fire doors, windows and blinds were also required. This entire project was managed by TOP Protection to the highest level of standards.

The Overall Contract

  • Supply and install network points throughout the factory
  • Test and commission cables into the server
  • Supply and install commercial boiler system
  • Maintenance contract of Heating System
  • Supply, install and maintain commercial aluminum doors

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