Clarence House Newport




Clarence House Newport

Work Included

Clarence House approached TOP Protection due to previous customer recommendations. We completed the work with glowing recommendations from the client and have been requested to maintain the systems that were involved.


Each of the 11 floors of the building had multiple works completed within it by TOP Protection including CCTV and Fire Alarm Systems. TOP Protection serviced and upgraded PTZ cameras and recorders. The two new recorders were of 16 Channel to accommodate for the whole building’s security. The contract also entailed the complete take over for the monitoring, servicing and upgrade of the Fire Alarm System. In the event of a fire, the monitoring station would call G4S to attend the site, as they are the key holder.

The buildings Dry Risers and electrical work were in need of repair due to the age of the building. This meant working in a quick and efficient manner to minimise the disruption to the staff, courts and attendees. The Fire Alarm in particular, required to be tested out of working hours with the sounders to ensure there was no disruption to DVLA and Court Associates.

The Overall Contract

  • Maintenance contract of CCTV System
  • Maintenance contract of Fire Alarm System
  • Maintenance contract of Electrical distribution within the building

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